Dec 30, 2016

2016 - Worst Year Yet

Well, it's the end of another year. It seems customary that all bloggers have to do some sort of year-end blog post, right? Well, here is mine. It is more of a self pity rant, but it's all I got. Here is my open letter to the year 2016.

Dear 2016,
As you know, the end of another year is rapidly approaching. Halleluiah! Your year, 2016, completely sucked. I’m done pleading with you. I’m done trying to talk to you. We are over and you can kiss my ass. 
2016, you have been less than kind to the world with all your murders, wars, diseases, riots, natural disasters, deaths, and of course the election. Each day we turn on the news to find something even more terrible happened. Why? Why are you so terrible? Aside from the major world issues, you have been a real bitch to my family as well. I know in comparison to what is happening all over the world, my problems are small. But still, what do you have against the Bismarks? We haven’t done a damn thing to you. Just 10 short months ago, I had a lively mother-in-law, a different job, different friends, and different lifestyle. I know change is constant and people say that change is good, but I am not a fan.
So, for a moment of self-pity, let’s break it down:
First, you took my husband’s mother and my children’s grandmother. She had a long 2-year battle with ovarian cancer, and the cancer won. She fought hard and struggled for two years. It is still surreal that she is gone. Birthdays and holidays are not the same. Although life has moved on, as it always does, things are just eerily quiet and we miss her so much. The screaming kids are still there, but it is not the same without grandma riling them all up. Now all we have left are the memories…and the regrets.
Then, you took my job. A job I busted my ass for, for a decade. You allowed a few arrogant people take my career into their hands and make decisions that would impact me for the rest of my life. These decisions were made solely on hearsay, jealousy, need for control, and the opinions of others and not on fact or merit. I doubt they even realize how their actions deeply affected not just me, but my finances, relationships, my children, my self-esteem, and my career. 
As if those things aren’t enough for one year, then you decided to have the storm. Now this could have been much worse, I know that. No one was injured and our house is still intact, but this storm took down two huge pine trees in our backyard along with the back of our fence, swing set, and kid’s playhouse (in addition to the major powerlines that have caused power outages for months). We really enjoyed spending money we didn’t have on tree removal and repairs. So, thank you for that. Thank goodness we have amazing family and friends that helped us get it all taken care of and fixed pretty quickly.
Then, let’s talk about the car accidents. Let’s count them together. Not one, not two, but THREE car accidents in just three months. Now this, this is really something special. No one was injured in any of them, so that was a blessing for sure. Two cars were totaled during these accidents. Now our car insurance rates are skyrocketing and we got to enjoy the glorious car-buying experiences. I mean…really? 
2016, you broke me, you really did.  I am still cleaning up the pieces of all you broke. 2017 has a good shot at being a better year; you did set the bar, low, after all. 2017, do better. Please. 2017, you are going to be our year. 
The Bismarks


  1. 2016 was such a bitch. Move on please and stop taking our loved ones with you!

  2. I am happy to see 2016 go! It was crap!

  3. 2016 was rough but I know 2017 will be on the up!

  4. Goodness! It sounds like a really rough year! I hope 2017 will be better for you!

    1. Thanks for reading. Cheers to a better 2017!

  5. I think it was a tough year for all! Here's to a brand new start!

    1. Yes, hopefully 2017 is better! Thanks for stopping by.